Calf Augmentation

Calf implant surgery is a procedure that can be used to increase the size of a person' s calf (or calves) and also change the shape and improve the symmetry.

Types of curvature of the legs:

  1. The true shin curvature can be O-shaped and X-shaped. O-shaped curvature is a congenital bone deformation where in the standing position – only ankles are touching, and the knees separate; both ankles in this deformation come off like the letter O. X-shaped curvature is a congenital bone deformation where the standing position shows are touching of only knees, and the ankles are apart; in this type of deformation, the closed legs look the letter X.
  2. Other than the true shin deformation, there is also a false shin curvature. The false curvature is in the unique structure of the lower limbs, which is clearly revealed with a visible curvature, such as when there is no bone deformation and it is related to the complications of muscle tissue distribution.
  3. Mixed forms ( both true and false curvature together)