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Buttock lift (Gluteoplasty)

Buttock augmentation may be achieved through Gluteoplasty which stands for plastic surgery and liposculpture procedure for correcting defects and deformities of the buttocks and for cosmetic enhancement of the buttock contour. The corrective procedures for buttock augmentation and repair include surgical emplacement of buttock prosthesis, liposculpture involving liposuction and lipoinjection and body contouring involving plastic surgery (subcutaneous dermal-fat flaps) and liposculpture.

 When to consider a Buttock Lift

  • If you have loose, drooping skin in your buttocks
  • If you recently experienced significant weight loss and are now close to your ideal weight
  • If you feel self-conscious
  • If the excess skin makes you uncomfortable or cause mobility problems


Buttocks implants, also called gluteal implants, improves the size and appearance of the buttocks by placing silicone implants under, in between or above the gluteal muscle producing a cosmetic enhancement.